To Grouse or Not to Grouse-That Is The Question.

I’ve been thinking about the condition of my heart lately. Not my physical heart, but my spiritual one. To be honest, both need my attention, but lately, the one where God dwells has been heavy on my mind.   Grousing comes to mind when I think of my heart condition....

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Son Shine

                              Readers beware-extensive bragging ahead!  Our son, Bill Jr. just came up for a visit. It was whirlwind, too fast for my hubby, who shed tears on his pillow knowing Bill was leaving the next day, but it was well worth it to see him and...

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Hidden in the Shadow of His Wings

            I feel like dry bones. A better description might be the proverbial hamster on the wheel-going around and round, feeling exhausted, but not really going anywhere.  I know we all feel counter-productive at times. Ours days are reactive instead of organized...

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Heavens Been on My Mind

Heaven has been much on my mind of late. When a good friend dies and you know without any doubt that he now abides there, it does cause you to long for heaven a bit more than you did before.  Confidence in his destiny comes from knowing of his faith in Jesus. He knew...

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The Tale of the Hard Heart

My heart grew hard.  Crazy thing is I didn’t know it. I went along from day to day thinking everything was okay-it wasn’t. I wasn’t.  God knew I had a broken heart. He knew I had good reason to grieve. And, He would have comforted me with His love and His Word, had I...

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