I’m a Realtor by profession and I just had the first-time experience of selling my own home and buying another, for my hubby and me. It was hard. Oooh, it was hard on so many levels… The experience falls somewhere in the “Cobblers Children have no shoes” category, or...

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My daughter, Kate, recently told me she was praying PEACE for me. She knows I’m facing surgery this Friday…my 11th. Don’t get me wrong, though it’s many surgeries, I know people who’ve had more!! And not all surgeries are equal. But I digress…I love saying that. The...

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The Faithfulness of God

Almost twenty years ago, good friends fell on hard times and lost their home. I remember  thinking several things, but one wrong thing I thought was; can they recover and survive under the loss? I know, pretty shallow, right? I was young! Not a good enough excuse? Ok,...

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I’m Back-It’s About Time!

I’ve been busy. Business is going well, but I also took a couple of months to get the first fifthteen  pages of my work in progress (My Novel) ready for a contest with American Christian Fiction Writers. I got it done and then burned out. Editing is one of the hardest...

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